It’s been way too long since I’ve caught you up on our wild and crazy journey!  So grab a cup of coffee (or better yet wine), grab the comfy spot on the couch and read away!

In October we made our journey to the Czech Republic for our embryo adoption at Reprofit.  We flew from Miami to Vienna and spent a few days there before we hopped on the bus to Brno, Czech Republic.  Vienna is BEAUTIFUL!  We were pretty jet lagged while we were there, but we did grab some pretty amazing schnitzel at Figlmueller – It’s the home of the schnitzel!  20151018_124927_resized

We took the Student Agency  bus from Vienna, Austria to Brno, Czech Republic.  We weren’t really sure what to expect when we booked our tickets, as they cost next to nothing.  We were picturing something like a Greyhound bus, but we were pleasantly surprised when the bus arrived.  Leather seats, your own tv with movies, television, games, and they even served drinks and food! Plus it was super clean and quiet.

Our hotel, Grandhotel Brno was right across the street from the bus stop.  We choose this hotel because it’s super close to all public transportation and it’s on the outer ring of the old city, so we were able to walk to most places.  Our room wasn’t the typical small European room; it was actually pretty large, even for an American room.  All in all the hotel was pretty nice.  It was a little dated, but it was clean, the front desk was AMAZING, and we got a free Czech breakfast every morning. brno

A day after we arrive in Brno (I hear Sacha Baron Cohen in my head every time I say that word), I had my first appointment at Reprofit.  We took the tram five stops from our hotel and we were there.  Although I had seen pictures and read reviews, I still wasn’t sure what to expect.  We walked into the older building and went up the stairs to the clinic.  The clinic is VERY modern.  It’s a little different from clinics we’ve been to here in the states, but not in a bad way.  We met with our Doctor and I had a quick scan to make sure everything was okay for the transfer.  Thankfully everything was picture perfect and we were told to come back in two days for our transfer.

We arrived at our clinic the afternoon of our transfer.  We met with our Doctor again and she told us that we had two absolutely perfect hatching blastocysts ready to transfer.  That’s a HUGE deal!  We couldn’t have asked for anything better!  We were escorted to the procedure room and got down to business.  They showed us our two embryos on a screen, did a quick ultrasound, and then did the transfer.  IMG_3071She had me lay on the table for about 15 minutes after the transfer, but encouraged me to walk around the city and even have a glass of wine or two after I left the clinic.  This is COMPLETELY different from how things are done here, but we were fully committed to their process and went with it!


For the next few days we walked around the city.  We both ended up love the Czech Republic.  The food and beer was delicious and cheap. It was actually cheaper to drink beer than it was Coke or water, so needless to say, Bill was in heaven! We loved all of the old buildings and brick paved roads, you just felt like you were in a different time, but with all of the modern conveniences…lol. Plus everyone was just so nice! czfood

We came back home that Friday, just 2 days after our transfer (our whole trip was only 7 days).  By Sunday evening I wasn’t feeling right.  Not bad, just not right.  Against my Doctor’s advice and my better judgment, I decided to take a pregnancy test.  I KNEW it was super early and that it would probably be negative, but I just had to do it.  I’m used to seeing negative tests, so I thought I would just stand there and watch it do its thing, get a negative and test again in a few days.

Wait….are those two lines? Ummm, that’s two lines.  OMG….I’M PREGNANT!!! This was the FIRST positive pregnancy test I had ever seen in my life! I had planned on telling Bill in some super cute way, but I was in shock, so I ran into his man cave with the test.  I shoved the test in his face – “We’re pregnant!!!” Bill, in shock, “How do you know? It’s too early”.  Me, “Two lines!! Two lines mean we’re pregnant!!”

I think I test 3 more times that night, and then the next day, and the next day…all positive.  I went in for my two betas and both tests confirmed that I was indeed pregnant!  My “official” OB appointment was scheduled for a few weeks later.

My pregnancy symptoms started early and they were pretty intense, but I didn’t care because I was pregnant!  I went in for my appointment around 6 weeks.   They took my blood, and then I had my first ultrasound as a pregnant woman. TWINS!!!  They took my blood pressure right after my ultrasound and the nurse said it was a little high…Yeah it’s high, I just found out I have two little babies growing in me! Most people would be a little freaked out, actually we were too but this is exactly what we wanted!

By the time I go home I had started to spot.  I had been told that it’s completely normal, especially with twins, so I was doing my best not to be concerned.  Plus I had just left the Doctor’s office and everything was fine.  About an hour later I started cramping and then shortly after miscarried.  I can’t even begin to explain the range of emotions I went through that day.  From being ecstatic and on top of the world, to being in pain and feeling like my world was taken away from me…complete devastation.  It just felt so unfair.  We had done so much to get pregnant, why did it have to be taken away?

I think being a fertility patient trains you to be in “Okay, what’s next” mode.  Of course we were devastated from our loss, but we just wanted to know what caused it and for me to heal, so we could move on to what’s next.  Our Doctor told us that the miscarriage was just “one of those things”.  In my heart I knew that wasn’t right.  My blood work from the morning I miscarried (just a few hours prior) was perfect. If it WAS just one of those things, my numbers would have been off.  The internal ultrasound I had the morning of my miscarriage was VERY painful, to the point I had to ask her to stop.  I’ve NEVER had a painful ultrasound. I’m convinced that this “aggressive” ultrasound caused the miscarriage.

So, now what’s next?  Well, we’ve contacted the Reprofit Clinic in the Czech Republic and have been matched with a new set of embryos!  The parents are in their early 20’s, brown hair and eyes, and both are on the tall side. If all goes as planned, I’m planning on making the trip back to Brno in February! In addition to the “normal” hormones I take for a transfer cycle, I’m also going to be taking a blood thinner JUST in case some sort of clotting factor contributed towards the miscarriage. I’m also searching for a high risk OB here in St Pete (if you know one send them my way!), so hopefully history won’t repeat itself.

We’re working hard to save money for our next adoption cycle. We are both working our day jobs, and then in addition we have our Wish Bracelet shop on Etsy, our Cupcake in a Jar business, and of course our photography business MYB Photography!  Keeping busy is good for our psyche AND helps us reach our goals!

As we know more we will continue you update you all. If you have any questions about the Reprofit clinic or anything we’ve been through, please feel free to ask –we’re pretty much an open book!

Thank you all for your love and support!

xoxo – Bill & Michelle


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